April A- Z Challenge

ZooDoo Zoo

Location:        Richmond Tasmania

Price:              Adults: $34.00

                        Children: $19.00

Why Go:         Animals, of course

Website:         Zoodoo Zoo | Home

Zoodoo is a Zoo located in Southern Tasmania Australia 35 minutes drive time from Hobart and 20 minutes from Hobart Airport. Located in the Coal River Valley, minutes from the Historic Town of Richmond. Venture ‘beyond the bridge’ to explore not only Zoodoo Zoo but all the other fantastic tourism opportunities in this popular tourism region of Tasmania. Something for everyone in this special part of Tasmania.

Why Visit:

Anyone who knows me will know I love animals, what you might not know is how much my husband dreads holidays, for the first thing I do is see if there is a zoo to visit.  Our trip to Tasmania was probably a nightmare for him, for we went to five zoos, and Zoodoo Zoo was a squish in at the very last moment.

We were early heading to the airport and I saw the sign.  It was raining, it was cold, we were tired, but hubby shrugged and resignedly pulled in, a fact which made me very very happy.

This zoo does have the standard attractions, and it is small, but the enclosures are well designed, the animals are easy to spot, and it had LLAMAS.  Need I say anymore.

So, if you’re like me and you love animals, I would highly recommend visiting Zoodoo Zoo.

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