April A- Z Challenge


Location:        Lake Ballard Western Australia

Price:              FREE

Why Go:         Art, at its finest

Website:         Lake Ballard – Goldfields Western Australia (traveloutbackaustralia.com)

From the moment I first heard about Lake Ballard, I had to see it.

A surreal landscape where the metal statuettes of 51 residents of an outback town inhabit ten square kilometres of a shimmering Salt Lake, enticing both the eye and the feet.

Strange? Quirky? Just plain odd?

Actually, no.

If you’ve been to Uluru and experienced deep and spiritual, you’ll find some of the same in Lake Ballard’s mystical solitude – without the crowds.

And you can camp right beside it, too.

Why Visit:

Above it an excerpt from a website extolling the wonder of this art installation, Inside Australia.  When hubby and I travelled around Australia, we didn’t have this insight, someone just asked casually were we going to go to Lake Ballard.  We shrugged, but were told, ok it’s a drive down bad roads but you’ll regret it is you don’t. 

We shrugged, but without any plans decided to make the trip, and seriously I cannot describe what we saw.  I have shared photos before of this, and there are some below, but if you are ever in outback WA and near Lake Ballard, make the trip.  This has to be seen to be believed.

© A-DAW Arts

7 replies to “April A- Z Challenge

    1. It was a wonderful concept, and I believe each of the figures was based on the locals. Which was a wonderful nod to a remote outback community 😊

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