April A- Z Challenge

Wineglass Bay

Location:        Freycinet Peninsule Tasmania

Price:              Daily Pass/Vehicle $41.20

                        Annual Park Pass: $91.35

Why Go:         This is one view you’ll have to earn.

Website:         https://www.wineglassbay.com/

Wineglass Bay is part of the Freycinet Peninsula, an outcrop of wild, pristine coast land on Tasmania’s east coast. Encompassed within the Freycinet National Park, it is considered one of the top ten beaches in the world.

Wineglass Bay is the most photographed view in the entirety of our island state. It is about 2.5 hours drive from north from Hobart and south from Launceston.

Why Visit:

First of all, a warning:  Tasmanian’s have a real strange definition for the word easy, take it from me and all the people I encountered as we made the clearly signposted easy walk from the carpark to Wineglass Bay, in various stages of exhaustion.

This is not an easy trek, this is a killer, but when you reach the lookout for Wineglass Bay, you do appreciate the view, before you have to absolutely die trying to get back down to the carpark.

I would add that there’s a small town at Cole Bay you should stop at on your way back, they have the best ice cream …  that’s if you can actually make the walk there from the carpark.  (Rolling eyes here)

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