April A- Z Challenge

Vegemite and Kangaroos

Location:        The Nullabor South Australia

Price:              FREE

Why Go:         Ok, this one is very very Australian.

Website:         https://www.australiantraveller.com/sa/outback-sa/nullarbor/play-on-the-worlds-longest-golf-course/

The Nullarbor Plain is flat, almost treeless stretch of land that runs between South Australia and Western Australia. It is located on the Great Australia Bight Coast and is one of the few routes to Western Australia.

It is also a boring, mundane drive, so what are you going to do?  Play the world’s longest Golf Course, of course.

Why Visit:

Ok, that is true, but there are a lot of beautiful caves you can explore, whales to sight, and rugged coastline to admire … and hours and hours of driving.

For me, it was the photography, you’ll never see anything like it in the world.  Burnt out cars, gorgeous sunsets and then there is the Vegemite and the Kangaroo. 

So, if you feel the need for a nice long drive, the Nullarbor Plains is the place for you.

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