April A- Z Challenge

Tumby Bay

Location:        Tumby Bay South Australia

Price:              FREE

Why Go:         Art, that’s why

Website:         https://www.tumbybay.town/

Ok, we just have to go with this introduction off of the Tumby Bay website:

In a world where time and genuine friendliness are becoming more difficult to find, I can recommend

a journey in our direction to experience the simple pleasures of being able to relax, make new friends

and enjoy a look at what Tumby Bay has to offer.  Whether you travel on or decide to stay, I’m

sure that like us Tumby Bay locals, you will appreciate the quiet freshness in which our day-to-day

lives function – that sense of wellbeing that feels familiar and safe and satisfying.

Why Visit:

I worked with a guy who was from Tumby Bay, so I went there based on his recommendation, and in truth it is a coastal town, mainly catering to retirees, but what astounded me was the plethora of artwork

The murals were spectacular, the sculptures were amazing, but it was the silo art that really won the show.

So, in short if you like art, and you’re in the neighbourhood, Tumby Bay is the place to go.  The tourist facilities are there, they have free camping which is reasonable, and the atmosphere is nice.

It’s well worth the stay.

© A-DAW Arts

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