April A- Z Challenge

Our Lady of Mt Carmel

Location:        Mullewa Western Australia

Price:              FREE

Why Go:         You’ll be astounded.

Website: https://www.monsignorhawes.com/our-lady-of-mt-carmel-mullewa/

The striking Our Lady of Mt Carmel Church was designed and built by Monsignor John Hawes. Wander around this magnificent Romanesque Church to marvel at the exquisite work of this talented architect. Look out for the gargoyle that was a caricature of the Bishop of Geraldton, with whom Hawes was reputedly involved in a bitter dispute with at the time of building.

Hawes was not only the architect of over 15 magnificent churches in the area, but often assumed the role of foreman, carpenter and labourer. His interest in building churches came from his other significant role as a Catholic priest.

Why Visit:

So, in truth there wasn’t much which surprised us on our trip around Australia. There was rugged countryside, scenic views, nice welcoming communities … and then there was Our Lady of Mt Carmel Church.

We drove to this little town in the hopes of seeing wildflowers, but we were too late in the season, then the publican said we should at least go and see the church.  This church is a testimony to how eccentric people thrive in Australia and we were stunned by not only its intricate detailing, but by the fact the Monsignor John Howes is reputed to have done the majority of the work himself.

It is a wonderful piece of architecture in the middle of nowhere, and well worth the travel just to see it.

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