April A- Z Challenge

Llama Walks

Location:        Dayboro Queensland

Price:              Accommodation/Night $280.00

Why Go:         Llamas – why else?

Website and Bookings:       Dayboro Cottages – Welcome

Hubby was pretty innovative one year and booked accommodation for us at Dayboro Cottages, which also hosts llama walks.  Now it appears like they no longer do the walks, but others do, so I’m going to give you the million and one reasons why you should do a llama walk.

Why Visit:

Llamas are super cute, (Perhaps not super sociable) and going for a walk with them is super relaxing.

Ottaba Llama Walks boasts that there is no better way to soak up the countryside than by taking a llama walk! What’s more, we have the friendliest llamas in the area who are ready to go on a trek with you. The terrain is mostly flat on the Rail Trail, so no special level of fitness is required to participate in our tours.

They also do Wedding Llamas, Party Llamas and Drama Llamas.  I ask you, what more could you want?

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