April A- Z Challenge


Location:        Grindelwald Tasmania

Price:              FREE

Why Go:         Because You Can

Website and Bookings:       https://www.tamarvalleyresort.com.au/swiss-village/

Located a three-hour drive from Hobart is a wonderful place to drop into, Grindelwald – a small Swiss Village on the outskirts of the Tamar Valley.

The Swiss Village at Grindelwald is a wonderful location for a day visit on your next trip to Launceston and the Tamar Valley. The village is set in the grounds of Tamar Valley Resort and has a range of activities, dining and shopping options. If you are after a touch of retail therapy be sure to visit the Grindelwald clothing boutique, or the Grindelwald News & Gift shop!

Why Visit: We were on our way to Seahorse World and I had heard of this place, and insisted on the detour.  It was simply too cute, and much to my delight there were hares hopping around everywhere.  So, I would highly recommend if you’re out that way dropping in just for the photos

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11 replies to “April A- Z Challenge

  1. This place looks so cute! The duck insisted we put the Swiss Village at Grindelwald on our places-to-see list. I agree, though I’m not sure how to feel about the duck’s comment about hares being a comfortable mode of transportation for lazy ducks.

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