Soapbox Thursday #5


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Ok, this week I wanted to discuss the rising cost of living and how one of the employees where I work has decided to address it.  Now first off let me just state that I don’t think his solution is a good idea, nor do I think it will actually fix things, but I’d be interested in your views on it.

First a bit of background.  Where I work everyone is paid well, conditions are good, employment is safe and secure.  No one is on the verge of getting laid off unless they do something really really wrong.

Next, this employee has been with the company for a significant period, and as far as I know, he’s been quite happy.  He’s also been undergoing paid training for about two years to improve his skills.

So recently he resigned, stating the cost of living as the reason, mainly due to the fact that his rent has increased significantly, and he advised that by doing so he’ll be better off.

What’s his mysterious solution, you ask?

Well, he’s moving back in with his parents, to a low economic, high unemployment area, and he will go on benefits with his girlfriend, and they’ll be better off.  Yep, you read that right.  He’s going on unemployment benefits, and he reckons combined with his parent’s pension, they’ll all be better off.

Where he is going, there is no chance of employment.   Where he is going, there will be no training.  Where he is going, the government will be subsidising his life.  And in his mind, this is a better option than trying to get by.

My opinion is that this isn’t a solution at all, but I’m wondering what you think.  Is it ok to throw your hands in the air and say, nope, not doing it.  I’d rather sit at home and take the governments money, or do you think there’s another solution he might try.

Let’s be honest the ever-increasing cost of living is getting seriously out of hand.  We’re growing our veggies, cutting back on anything and everything and doing less and less that’s not deemed essential, but there comes a time when you can’t do anymore.

Love to know what you think of this “solution”, or how you’ve coping with the ever rising cost of living.

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18 replies to “Soapbox Thursday #5

  1. I agree with you that this isn’t a solution to this problem. We are all facing economic crunch but luckily my husband has a job and gets pension from government for his 35 years of service. But many people are finding it hard to make ends meet.


  2. I don’t believe that governments just “give” money away. There will be a set of (strict) criteria, and only if he meets them will he be given benefit. That’s true of anyody, and fair enough. Everybody understands that benefits come from taxes, and nobody wants to pay taxes.
    I’ll stop at that one point buyt broadly, so what?

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      1. Yes that’s what I thought his could he and girlfriend live off unemployment benefits? Maybe better unemployment benefits in Australia but when I had temporary unemployment benefits during lockdown in 2020 I was not getting by plus had to dip into my 401k retirement fund to keep my savings afloat 😭

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    1. I agree, but they don’t see it that way. Better off to be a burden on parents who are probably struggling themselves. Our neighbour told hubby he might lose his house, hubby looked at the brand new car in his driveway and said there’s an asset, downgrade


  3. This is where the benefits system falls down. I knew someone who hadn’t worked for years because he was much better off on benefits. I worked part time and was bringing up a family (partner’s, not mine). It was a struggle. but this guy was getting three times what I was, with his rent paid. Partner was self employed as a labouror so if he didn’t work, no money, but no benefits.
    I’ve always been able to cut my cloth to suit my purse, and in today’s climate although we are luckier than many, but it is a constant worry. When it comes to food shopping, I won’t pay extortionate amounts even for the basics, and try to find cheaper alternatives.

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    1. We’re a bit the same. Hubby lost the pension because they changed how assets were assessed, but thankfully I got a raise at work.


      1. All swings and roundabouts. As state pensions, we shall be getting a 10% rise in April……….. which will be eaten up by 10% food inflation, 40% energy, 10% telephone charges, 6% water rates and 8% local taxes AFTER the tax man takes some as because personal allowances have been frozen until 2028, millions of people will be dragged back into the tax bracket, us included. Still, at least we have no rent or mortgage to pay.

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  4. I think he is making a big mistake. Living off the government is not a good idea, because someone else’s taxes are paying for it. I think he will regret his move later on in life. I worked past my retirement age because I enjoyed my job and wanted to up my ante as much as I could. Prices are going up everywhere and we’ve cut back on how and what we spend. We’re both retired and have investments. I learned a long time ago to never put all your eggs in one basket.

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