RIP Pippa 14/02/2022

pippa – my dear friend
together we did it all
walks and cuddles shared
you were always there for me
without you I am bereft

We are the silent sentinels.
Sworn to uphold the truth.
When eyes are lowered
And heads bowed.
Know, we still see you.

Inside us all, lives a light
One that should shine bright
But life will often get us down
Causing a very dark frown
What it is that we fail to see
Is that life will be what it be
So, don’t dwell on the bad
Cast it aside, with a “so sad”
And get back up on your feet
Seriously, live life, it can’t be beat.

Photo by Noelle Otto on

tawdry clouds, aching
deluge – splashing in puddles
Rainy day, blissful

The following prompts were used for these poems:

Crimson’s Creative Challenge #221

Moonwashed Weekly Prompt #128 – 1/31/2023 – Revelation

Tanka Tuesday

February 2023 Poem of Friendship

© NopeNotPam

20 replies to “summons

  1. Beautiful poems, Deb, especially the tribute to your dog. Valentine’s Day in 2020 is when we adopted Callie because we were saddened by the demise of our 19 yr old cat on Jan. 31.


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