Soapbox Thursday #4

It’s That Topic

This week we’re going to discuss one of the most sensitive subjects in any relationship – housework.

You flinched, didn’t you? 

Anyway, I don’t know about you, but I really hate housework, but to make it more palatable I have a routine.  I do a thorough cleaning of all the wet areas (bathrooms, laundry) one week, and I do the dusting and kitchen the following week.  Hubby does the floors (vacuum and mop)

Over the holidays I do the serious stuff, emptying cupboards and wardrobes to clean them, and every 6 -8 weeks I do the refrigerator and the oven.  Hubby normally assists with the oven.

Well over the Christmas period things changed.  As you might recall we got Covid and hubby didn’t do any housework.  He was pretty sick so I just picked up the slack, but there’s always the fear in the back of my mind that he’s not going to return to it.

So, this week I’m interested in knowing how you handle the housework.  Do you have a routine?  Do you have a schedule?  Do you a division of housework in your home, and set areas you maintain.  Perhaps its inside/outside?  And what do you do when it all breaks down?  Perhaps you’re not fussed like my hubby and think it’s a pointless effort.

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21 thoughts on “Soapbox Thursday #4

  1. When I was in America, my daughter was working and studying for her doctorate degree. When ever I visited her, I’d do cooking and would clean the apartment weekly. Over here in Pakistan, we have hired help who comes in to clean the house and do ironing. I do the laundry. My husband doesn’t do any chores as he says he works 5 days a week, and I don’t work

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  2. nobody here to share the work with … or to expect it’s done regularly. I’ve never pretended to be a domestic goddess but this year I am allocating an hour most days for dd. That covers all those tasks you listed and that is working much better for me. I’ve seen others with fixed schedules eg thursday wash, Fri floors … that didn’t work for me at all. Too many excuses to procrastinate.

    If you follow Sadje’s lead above, you work so hubby should do it all? I’ve have friends who have chosen to swap roles and it works for them 🙂

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  3. I live in a condo with a housemate. We each keep our own suites clean and mostly I do the main areas, since I actually enjoy cleaning. I vacuum a few times per week because of the cat, dust every couple weeks, and continually clean up the kitchen. Laundry is done when needed, probably every two weeks…


  4. Hubby and I share. He’s not afraid of hoovering, washing up, cooking, or cleaning. I hate dusting but will show willing and push the duster once a week. We hoover every day because of the dog.
    Usually the rule is whoever cooks doesn’t wash up, but I tend to wash up as I go, and he’ll dry. Laundry is done about twice a week so that we can get things dry indoors or we’ll do one big wash and go up to the launderette to use their dryer. The loo is cleaned at least twice a day and the kitchen surfaces are also kept clean. The floor is a pain as it’s a small room and doggy paw prints are frequent but we try to keep on top of it if she’s got muddy feet.

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  5. Extenuating circumstances here. Thus [stereotypical male], I handle the heavy outside work, save the herb beds. I do pitch-in with the “inside” chores, especially the heavier or most onerous – the oven, a bathroom overlooked, [exclusively all] the ironing, and some of the “floor” routines. . I’ll not propose a percentage, but do enough so that my inefficiencies and “missed spots” garner constant critique. I got my pride, so I struggle on fully knowing for example I will never pass muster in the “dusting” exercise as I cannot understand the gentle nuances of wax or cleaner or simply “damp cloth.”

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