it’s all in the title #4 – heard it through the grapevine

Hi All,

Here’s my new challenge, and since I love music I’ve decided to base it on the titles of songs

Here’s how it works it’s going to work.

I will give you three prompts

  • A song title
  • A word count which is based on the number of unique words in the chosen song
  • A picture

Your challenge is to write a piece based on any of the prompts, and see if you can keep within the required word count. You have until 6pm the following Monday to post your response.

You can pingback or use the tag itsallinthetitle

Up to it? If so, here are the prompts for this week:

  • Heard It Through The Grapevine by Marvin Gaye
  • Word Count – 110 words
  • The picture

Here’s my contribution:

Stifling a sigh Amanda glanced up, the sun was blistering, and it was destined to get hotter, and flexing her hand she grimaced.  Cramp, she hadn’t anticipated it, but as she heard the crunch of his footsteps she stilled, he was standing on the other side of the row.

He’d had doubts about her, she’d seen it in the way he’d looked at her when she’d arrived.

“What do you think of the new girl?”

New girl?  Her?

“She’s green but persistent.  I’d keep her on.”

“Ok, your call.”

Thank God, she’d be able to pay the rent this week.

Amanda clipped off another bunch of grapes, exhaling in relief.

© NopeNotPam

2 thoughts on “it’s all in the title #4 – heard it through the grapevine

  1. Deb I am looking for someone to take over the Thursday Inspiration Challenge that I have been doing for a while now. I want to run it for 6 more weeks and if you like it could belong to you after that. Paula did it for the first 100 posts and then I took over and in six weeks I will reach #200. If you like music, this could be fun for you. Once it is yours you can change the rules to be whatever you want.

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