There was no room for grace here
Choices made; rumpled bedsheets proclaimed
Invisible bloodied scars of regret
Hollow room, no sound to fill the void
Gone, empty, a wasteland
Empty platitudes, birthing false forgiveness

memory flickers
like dust motes in candlelight
blurred and shadowy
a musky gloom engulfing
past extinguished forever

I am a silent sentinel
I stand here ready to defend
All the danger I will repel
I will keep you safe my friend

I will not falter I swear
In your need I will be here
The trouble I will ensnare
There is nothing for you to fear

Soundly you can rest
In the sweetness of your dreams
Knowing I will do my best
Until you hear this canon scream

The following prompts were used for these poems:

Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #202

Moonwashed Weekly Prompt #126 – 1/17/23 – Evolve

← Tuesday Treats: Silver and Gold

Crimson’s Creative Challenge #219

© NopeNotPam

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