it’s all in the title #3 – holiday

Hi All,

Here’s my new challenge, and since I love music I’ve decided to base it on the titles of songs

Here’s how it works it’s going to work.

I will give you three prompts

  • A song title
  • A word count which is based on the number of unique words in the chosen song
  • A picture

Your challenge is to write a piece based on any of the prompts, and see if you can keep within the required word count. You have until 6pm the following Monday to post your response.

You can pingback or use the tag itsallinthetitle

Up to it? If so, here are the prompts for this week:

  • Holiday by Madonna
  • Word Count – 78 words
  • The picture

Here’s my contribution:

The guts had been ripped out, that was all she could focus on after fourteen hours, no sleep, no shower, food poisoning and an hour long drive to this remote location.

The guts had been ripped out of her accommodation and she was alone.

For a long moment Jade stared at the disaster before her, “I’m damned sure this wasn’t what Madonna meant when she released holiday.”

She groaned; the taxi drivers toothy grin failed to inspire confidence.

© NopeNotPam

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