Garbed in velvet pantaloons
Philosophers seek ultimate truth
Auspicious in the shadow of the moon
Knowledge one should not forsooth
Graveyard darkness clinging tight
Death’s chilling touch caressing pale cheeks
Bones and runes cast in the thrall of the night
Their futures look rather bleak

a fragile bubble
reflecting firework of lies
deception teasing
cajoling dazed compliance
succumb is eternally lost

Pause, hold your breathe
As you gaze upon the lake
Within its depths
Creatures dwell awake
They have no interest in you
Survival is their game
But you should pay your dues
Take your measure of the blame
All the rubbish discarded
Thrown onto the streets
Lakes polluted, bombarded
Waterways defeat
Creatures’ numbers declining
Victims of your lazy ways
There’s no use whining
Change, you’ll be amazed

The following prompts were used for these poems:

Simply 6 Minutes – Welcome to the Challenge: 01/10/2023

Moonwashed Weekly Prompt #125 – 1/10/23 – Provocative

Crimson’s Creative Challenge #218

© NopeNotPam

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