Harry, Larry and Joe stood in the water one day
Harry, Larry and Joe were bored they wanted to play
Fluffing up feathers just wasn’t fun anymore
Harry, Larry and Joe in truth, saw it as a chore

Harry said to his friends let’s go quack at those folks
They’ll think we’re trouble, it will be a great hoax
So off they went, intent on their game
They ended up at the vets, life would never be the same

The light was a beckon
That dark and stormy night
Enticing her to struggle
To continue her fight

The ship had sunk inelegantly
The drag of the sea strong
She had fought valiantly
Her life she would prolong

Salvation appeared at hand
In a cave where light did glow
She swam inside without fear
Only to be caught in the undertow

There is a truth that isn’t told
And that’s what happens when boots grow old
Long years they’ve toiled without a word
Their voices silenced, never heard
Then one day it is decided
That their usefulness is overrided
Then they are cast off without a care
For boots are one thing there’s plenty to spare
The pair above is now discarded
Out of play, red carded
Soon forgotten and dismissed
But as you’ve guessed, there’s a twist
These boots won’t sit her gawking
For these boots are made for walking
Off they go, free at last
They’re off to have a blast

He was so impressed
By its stately majesty
Straight and tall it was
Shame humanity didn’t care
Saw this might tree as firewood

Rain sleet floods pontoons
A burning inferno gloom
Where the hell is that air conditioned cold room?
TV on. Current affairs? Climate change? Dumb buffoons.

The following prompts were used for these poems:

Crimson’s Creative Challenge #217

Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #200

What do you see # 167- 2nd January, 2023

Moonwashed Weekly Prompt #124 – 1/3/23 – New Dawnings

The Terrible Poetry Contest 1/7/2023

© NopeNotPam

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