friday snippet


The silence was overwhelming, but final he spoke, “Open me.”

She tensed, unsurprised by his acrimony.  She, at least, would become a keepsake, for him there was no point, the die had already been cast, but she looked away hurriedly as the scissors were raised.

The life of a Christmas ribbon was always short lived.


Contrary to popular opinion, the Winter Solstice wasn’t the only time I saw her reclining in the snowflake encrusted darkness.

There was another time I chanced upon her.  The stars had been shining, painting the moonshine into dust, and scanning the horizon I decided that this stroke of luck channelled meaning meant especially for me.

Decided, I turned from the mansion, slipping into the forest under the moon’s stony gaze, but as I followed the lure of her song, my absolute certainty grew cold.

Silently I catalogued my tremulous emotions, then bid them a stern goodbye.

The Goddess embodied beckoned.

Wordle 584

What do you see # 166- December 26, 2022

Wordle #302

Weekend Writing Prompt #291 – Acrimony

© NopeNotPam

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