If Only They Could Talk – 27th

Rock Star

“I’m just a poor boy, I need no sympathy”

Yep, opening line to my masterpiece, we’re performing at the Christmas show, with the band, Max Lizard and the Frill Necks.  Reckon I’m on a winner, and you know what they say … winner, winner, flies for dinner.

Last tour was a sell-out, the gig at the chimpanzee enclosure was the highlight.  Those guys sure know how to rock n roll, though the banana throwing caused a bit of havoc.  Probably shouldn’t have been a dinner show.

Anyway, I’ve gotta head to rehearsal, those seals are a hard act to follow.

© NopeNotPam

10 thoughts on “If Only They Could Talk – 27th

  1. Deb, these have been priceless. I’ve enjoyed every one of them and applaud your dedication. You creativity all month has been off the charts! I think you’ve got great potential writing a kid’s book along these lines. My 9 & 11 yr old grandsons thought these were great! Fab job, you! 💫 ❣️


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