If Only They Could Talk – 25th


I know I’m a tease
And hard to please
But do I deserve
Your stoic reserve?
I’m bored you see
I long to be free
To swim in streams
And live beyond my means
Instead, I am here
And I will preserver
But I won’t cooperate
With those who display hate
I deserve respect
You’re criticism I reject
Why should I sit still?
Go take a chill pill
You want it all your way
Well, I don’t intend to make your day
I have rights you know
So, you can just go blow
I’m an outcast?
Wow, what a blast.

© NopeNotPam

12 thoughts on “If Only They Could Talk – 25th

      1. I applied for three this week. One’s two kms from my house. Hubby lost his pension. He’s upset


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