friday snippet


breath laboured
greedy gasps
clothes torn
flesh yellowing
blood spilling
panic diminishing

black bluff
coldness soothes
relieved hiss
clenched teeth
flushed relief
awareness heightened

tales told
half believed
rotting darkness
rasping voice
tongue stilled

midnight blue
rigidly cold
hopeless, bereft
sanity absconded
futility acknowledged

harbingers of death


Explosion, Karli raised her foot as a ball of fluff barrelled past, causing her to sway slightly as she continued to chop the salad, her lips compressing slightly.

The impact caused her to pause, but when no accompanying crash occurred, she reached for the cucumber, “One, two …”

Right on time, then the return run.  A skid on the rug, and exit stage left.

“What the hell was that?”

Karli looked at the new boarder, “Perpetual motion.”


Not a cat person obviously, “Zoomies.”


“She sits there like she owns the place”

Mal’s words brought him awake and obediently he peered down, spying the issue immediately, “Wow, how brash can you be?”

A resigned sigh was the initial response, then, “Though I have heard she’s good.”

“Good, but she’s hardly a classic.”  He made the concession grudgingly, and the other seized it with gusto.

“True, she’s what you call popular.”  He bit back a smirk, “I think its time to stage a walkout.”

“Its 2022, that might backfire.”

At his words Catcher In The Rye spat, “How?  Libraries are nothing without books to lend.”  

Wordle 583

Weekend Writing Prompt #290 – Perpetual

Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #198

© NopeNotPam

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