destiny’s lament

deity’s teardrops
crystallizing upon earth
mourning humankind

absolute disdain
humanity certainty
teardrops unnoticed


Round and round
The blades do go
Merrily dancing
Oh, so slow
Quietly carrying on
As they should
Quiet, unintrusive
And oh, so good


Despair despair, throw my arms in the air
I wish I didn’t have to prepare
For Christmas dinner and New Years Eve
Meeting expectations too much to believe

Let me go dawdle by the river
Oh it’s cold, I’m going to shiver
Oh no, the trees fallen down
That’s going to make the in laws frown

What the hell am I going to do
Oh no I just stepped in dog poo
I think I’m just going to find a bottle of wine
Stuff Christmas and New Year’s, I don’t have time

The following prompts were used for these poems:

Moonwashed Weekly Prompt #120 – 12/6/22 -Exquisite

Moonwashed Weekly Prompt #121 – 12/13/22 – Pompous

Crimson’s Creative Challenge # 213

Crimson’s Creative Challenge #214

© NopeNotPam

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