If Only They Could Talk – 17th


“What Mavis? I’m snoozing in this delightful mud, why did you wake me?”

“Pirates?  Are you outta your mind Mavis?”

“No, I’m not opening my eyes, I am enjoying this snooze and I have no intention of rousing myself cos you’re being foolish.  Pirates, bah.”

“Mavis, who’s blowing that trumpet?  Can’t they see this hippo is resting.”

“What?  Pirates?  You won’t let this go, will you?  Ok, far be it for me to complain.”

“Mavis?  Mavis?  There’s a bunch of kids outside the enclosure dressed as pirates, and Mavis they’re waving cutlasses.”

“Outta the way Mavis, this hippos outta here.”

© NopeNotPam

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