friday snippet


The seashore had beckoned from the first.  The light of the sun, a contrast to the dark shadows of the rocky crevices.

His mind had become a lantern, illuminating all the options, of this double-barrelled reality.

There was no dodging this truth, this remarkable outcrop was summoning him.  It was the provenance of his soul.

“So, you’re actually going to do this?”

Mark dragged his gaze reluctantly from the sight that held him spellbound, and grinned, “Damn right I am.  This is my finale, George; everyone will remember me after this.”

As Mark leapt from the helicopter, George sighed, “Idiot.”

Lucked Out

Alan gazed at the snow encrusted slope; he should have guessed that this cruisy job was too good to be true.

It had seemed the perfect, no stress, no deadlines, just sit back and relax.

Then he’d received the call, there’s a problem with the gauge, you’ll need to check it.

Alan suppressed a sigh, there was no helping it, he’d been warned that there might be field work involved.

Dismounting Alan gazed up towards the peak feeling the cold bite, that was what you got when you were the weather station technician for the North Pole, that, and frostbite.


“Have you really thought about this Chuck, a tattoo is a big commitment.”

“This or marriage, anyway there’s plenty of girls called Linda.”

Wordle #300

What do you see # 164- December 12, 2022

Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #197

Weekend Writing Prompt #289 – Engrave

© NopeNotPam

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