If Only They Could Talk – 12th

Bring on the cheese

Oh, for cheese on my carcass I’d give all that I have
For cheese on my carcass, I’d be so very glad
The taste of blood has gotten mundane
Cheese on the carcass, it’ll never be the same.

Lashings of mozzarella, cheddar and brie
A bit of taste would make me happy
Melted, shredded, chopped fine I don’t care
I just want some cheese on my carcass so there

So, my keeper don’t be surprised
When this carcass doesn’t disappear before your eyes
I’m on a hunger strike until you act
I want cheese on my carcass, that’s the facts

© NopeNotPam

12 thoughts on “If Only They Could Talk – 12th

  1. Lions are natural cheese eaters. Sometimes they’ll leave a milk cow in a cool dry area until all of that milk turns to cheese and THEN eat the milk cow. Sometimes they’ll just shake the cow vigorously and viola! Butter!

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