friday snippet

Special Holiday Edition

Hi Everyone, I’m on holiday at the moment but Crispina was kind enough to let me use some photos to create a short story. Hope you enjoy it.


Carissa paused, eyes darting to the left and the right, even as she tasted the air.  There was a presence in the woods that it was unwise to taunt, but sometimes needs must, and casting aside her reluctance she left the grove to step onto the leafy path.

She wouldn’t usually take such a risk, but this hadn’t occurred before, and stifling a grin she started down the path, her heart tripping along erratically.

Mother would be unimpressed by her actions, but she knew something the other didn’t, tonight there was a party at the manor.

Tonight, she would dance.

He’d always found the manor imposing as a child.  He’d always feared walking through the oak door in his mud coated boots.  He’d always worried about upsetting Mother, especially since Father had disappeared, but not tonight. 

Tonight, he reached his majority, and restraints Mother had imposed would be gone, he could follow where his heart led.

Scowling Vincenzo stared out at the woods that abutted the property, tonight he would answer the strange calling that had taunted him his whole life.  He’d enter the woods and dance in the moonlight.

Aware Mother was watching he turned, tonight he’d be free.

Vincenzo had felt the blood quickening in his veins all evening and, throwing his glass to the ground he walked onto the path and into the clearing.

Carissa had loitered at the edge of the woods looking towards the brightly lit manor wistfully.  It called, it beckoned, it sang, and casting aside her hesitation she stepped out into the clearing.

Entwined in moonlight they began to transform, taking on their preordained forms, and oblivious to all, they reached for each other.

Beneath the full moon the vampire and the werewolf waltzed, and Mother Nature smiled, love always finds a way.

© NopeNotPam

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