tuesday musical interlude

I thought we’d have a musical interlude on Tuesday’s and this week we’re going indie. Now I thought indie meant an independant artist, but not so, now it is a musical style which is different from the norm.

That made me raise my eyebrows quizzingly, but since I wanted to feature an Australian artist I goggled and came up with a list. This gentleman was on that list much to my surprise, and its certainly odd, so here’s the intro from Last.Fm.

In 1999, the director Baz ‘Moulin Rouge’ Luhrmann had a UK surprise chart-topping one hit wonder. The wording became an urban legend known as the “Sunscreen Graduation Speech”. The legend says the wording was from a graduation speech at MIT while in truth they were a journalist writing what she would say at such a speech, but either way their insight isn’t lost. The lyrics were actually taken from a column published in The Chicago Tribune in 1997. The song even had a seal of approval from the Bishop of Liverpool who said at the time that he believed ‘Everybody’s Free’ carried an important moral message.

Think what you may but its worth a listen


This tale was written based on the following prompts

Thursday Inspiration #184 Hold On

Song Lyric Sunday – Indie Artist

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