If Only They Could Talk – 5th

Handle with care

I know you have thoughts about me
You’ve pigeonholed me to be
A feral animal to be feared
The thought of which brings you to tears
But, in truth, I’m more than you see

I can fly and tumble like an acrobat
My screech won’t leave you flat
Agile and quick, I’m a wonderful sight
And you won’t believe how smooth my flight
Much better than any ordinary rat

But being so small I’m fragile
No matter if I look agile
So please handle with care
Maybe just watch, and stare
So, I continue to be a bat who’s vagile.



  1. Able or tending to move from place to place or disperse.
  2. Free to move about.
  3. having freedom to move about

© NopeNotPam

11 thoughts on “If Only They Could Talk – 5th

      1. Nopes no one planned it, unless we believe in conspiracies. I read an article that if bats are hungry they shed more viruses. They have natural immunity to the diseases they spread.

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