friday snippet

“Do you think we’ll be like them one day?”

“Dunno, maybe.”

“Well, that’s amazingly noncommital.”

“I’m just not obsessed like you.”

“Obsessed?  You think this is obsessed?  I just recognize the truth mate, we’re prisioners.  Convicts in a facist system.  We’re slaving for the man mate.”

“Slaving for the man?  Can you hear yourself?  OMG, talk about blowing it out of proportion.  We’ve got it good here, you should be grateful for what you’ve got.”

“What I’ve got?  It’s what I don’t have that’s the issue here mate.  Need I remind you this is a god damned petting zoo?”

For others, it was a lamentable situation, but she’d been awaiting this moment for eons, and gracefully she leapt onto the worktable.  Picking her way through the discarded ingredients, intent on reaching the cauldron and her salvation.

Reaching into its depths she sighed, the other had insisted in dabbling in things best left alone and faced the consequences.  She had bled for her craft literally, as the shocked expression carved into her features declared.

Licking her paw Ebony purred, this potion would restore her, then those who had entrapped her in a cat’s form would pay, just like her mistress.

#Writephoto – Herd

Same, Same, But Different – Saturday Mix, 26 November 2022

© NopeNotPam

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