friday snippet

Let us all take a little stroll,

Which will be good for the soul,

For we all must have a goal,

Or life would be rather droll

And while you’re on a roll

Why not become a happy bibliopole?

Margery crept down the corridor, her talons curling into the carpet gripping it firmly as she glimpsed a movement.  She wasn’t the type to hesitate, but this crack of light she could do without, for her shadow loomed large on the faded and stained wallpaper.

As a whirl erupted, she stifled a curse.  Lord, couldn’t they cut her some slack?  Who prepared meals at this time of night?  But as the processor began to spin, she wondered who was on the menu.

‘You must be a hungry werewolf, partying all night.  Come in.”

Margery sighed; Mother knew her too well.

He’d made a promise, one he’d intended to keep, but death had other ideas.  Unfortunately she hadn’t been satisfied with his excuse.

Heaving a sigh which made the dust lift, then re settle on the cobwebs he turned a page, a process amazingly difficult in his current situation.

Now he wished he hadn’t been charmed by her, that he hadn’t rashly proclaimed that if there was a loophole in the will, he would find it, but he had.

She said his continued presence proved there was something to be found. He suspected he’d already discovered it – death was a sadist.

Wordle 579 – A Baker’s Dozen

Weekend Writing Prompt #286 – Bibliopole

Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #194

© NopeNotPam

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