friday snippet

Welcome to this legendary moment which will change life as we know it, but Tony do we need to question our choices and wonder if this chance should be foregone.

Marty this isn’t a failure of our political system, and we can’t pretend it is, you never knowthis unexpected outcome might fix our broken system.

Exhale Tony, for here he comes for his meet and greet walk.

Well, I do love that collar he’s wearing, it’s the latest style, but how is he going to shake hands?

Don’t know Tony but let’s applaud our new President, Steve the cat.

I really don’t understand your fascination with that print darling, its pretty average

I don’t know, there’s something in it that makes the blood thunder in my veins.


Don’t sound so hopeful

We’re running out of food darling, and the kids are getting very hungry.  They demolished that chair.  I’ll go look in the other spaces … but

Stop being a clown, keep to the dark and look out for …

Insects, rats, spiders?

You’re the height of paranoia, look at least the print will keep them going until …

We start on the roof?

White ants, never satisfied.

“John, seriously this is getting beyond a joke.”

“You don’t have to tell me, I’ve tried everything to get him to walk, but unless he’s in the Club Car, he don’t move Dan.”

“He’s a dog, he’ll die if you don’t do something.”

“It’s ok, I’ve got a plan.  I’m taking him to that park, the one with the two carved chairs and little table.”


“I’m leaving him there.”

“What?  You can’t do that?”

“Don’t worry, I’ll be sitting in the carpark with a big juicy steak, he’ll come.”

“Great solution, there’s wolves out there, you’ll both be dinner.”

Three Things Challenge #M145

Three Things Challenge #M146

Three Things Challenge #M147

Wordle 578

Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #193

Flash Fiction for the Purposeful Practitioner #47

© NopeNotPam

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