friday snippet

“Boxing Day Sales.” Chester stated.

“Insanity heeds no rules,” Toby countered.

The pigeons watched on mystified.

“Be on your guard, trust no one,” The pot had breathed, “Not even yourself.”

Then I’d thought he was exaggerating.  Kitchenware tended to do that, and as a young milk jug I was determined to ignore him, but now I regret not focusing on his warning.

It was my ego, newly purchased I thought I was scald proof. Good-looking, willowy, I had it all, but now that I’m dented and scratched and the end is nigh, I’ll ask for forgiveness.

See, they boxed me up this morning, marked it fragile, said it’s moving day, and we know what that means.

“Look man, it’s gonna be alright, you acted quick, didn’t ya?”

“Yeah, but you know the damage was already done.”

“Ok, you’re right, I ain’t gonna kid you, but you did stop, and I mean, you were showing her who the boss was.”

“Yeah, I was the bomb, but mate you should’ve heard it, the bang was deafening.”

“I think we all heard it mate, but you stopped, I’m proud of you.”

“You’re right.  She won, but I can’t let it get to me, next time I’ll hit her with all I’ve got.”

“Blown tyre mate, could happen to anyone.”

Weekend Writing Prompt #284- Rule

Wordle 577

Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #192

© NopeNotPam

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