This tale was written based on the following prompts

Moonwashed Weekly Prompt – Transcending – November 1, 2022

Crimson’s Creative Challenge #208

Bleary eyed she awoke
Tendrils of mist, like smoke
Blurring her vision as she stared straight ahead
Was that stalks of wheat above her bed?

Gingerly she did rise,
Blinking bloodshot eyes
How did she come to be out here?
Perhaps it was all that beer

No choice now but to return
This mistake she’d had to learn
Retracing steps taken in drunken haze
Through field of beautiful maize

Then into the forest which lie beyond
Treading carefully as she navigated round a pond
Hurriedly now with head down
This was no time to be a clown

Looking up quickly she jumped in fright
OMG that branch looked like a cow who’d been out all night
This was it, she was going to remain sober
This was one walk she didn’t want to do over

In the distance she could see the house
She’d creep in as quiet as a mouse
A long snooze would set her straight
For if mum-in-law saw her, she’d be through the gate

Stifling a yawn she reached the door
Pulled it open staring down at the floor
As she glanced up she wanted to die
Accusing glares, was it dinner? Wow, time did fly.

© NopeNotPam

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