A Review – Six Bone – Anthology 6

Having read the preceding books in this series, I highly anticipated the release of T.K. Wrathbone’s sixth instalment in the Bones collection, aptly titled Six Bones, and I wasn’t disappointed.  Featuring three full length tales and four short stories, this series alternatively horrifies and delights, and I really enjoyed the ride.

Usually, I find that there is one stand out tale in anthologies, but Six Bones made it difficult for me to choose a favourite.  All Clowns Must Die was a great opener, it had all the elements of a classic horror story, but enough twists to bring freshness to the genre.    I liked how T.K. Wrathbone kept it very realistic, with the opening really setting the scene.  The suspense built with every turn of the page and the cliff-hanger ending took me by surprise.

The Demon Resides was a real nod to the 80’s horror genre, and the unearthing of one of the classic horror icons.  T.K. Wrathbone did an amazing job playing homage to this villain, while producing a tale very much set in the current period, demonstrated the longevity of a well written idea.

The third tale, Infestation, moved deftly beyond the realm of horror and into fantastical, with a simple but effective plot.  In this tale T.K. Wrathbone’s had been cringing in my seat, but I the gory conclusion was extremely satisfying.   

As with all the books in this collection, the anthology concluded with a series of short tales.  On other occasions I had felt that these were fillers, but these proved to be perfect examples of well-crafted horror tales, and they certainly packed a punch.  T.K. Wrathbone’s Elizabeth Wants To Play is an a perfect example of how to finish a boon on a high note, by normalised horror, and making it far more terrifying.

I would recommend this book for anyone older than 10.  Some of the scenes are quite graphic, but as a horror book it stays true to the genre, while introducing amusing pop culture references and the occasional guilty chuckle.

Rating: 4/5

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