I’m havng a whinge

Hi Everyone,

As most of you know I’ve been teaching myself how to draw, and I thought I was improving quite nicely, but this week when I sent out my latest drawing to the family, they just weren’t interested.

I was a bit disappointed, so I thought I’d share on the blog, for I know you guys will at least have a look and provide some honest feedback.

Also, I feel this one’s a bit special, so here’s Emma, the Queen’s pony, at the funeral.

PS – I still offering pet portraits, so feel free to contact me, and you can also visit my store.

Β© NopeNotPam

34 thoughts on “I’m havng a whinge

  1. a great likeness Deb … the nose does look a bit odd but then so does the photo! You’ve done a much better eye and I think you’ve done very well with the texture and shading … certainly looks like a great pony to me πŸ™‚

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      1. You should be proud…also it honestly depends on how much of a realist you want to be. If you are striving for realism than tackle that drawing for as long as it takes to achieve photo realism. And that could take quite awhile. Not every artist is interested in photorealism.

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  2. I think the nose is a tad longer than it ought to be? I wonder if there’s a mathematical way to measure the pictures and compare ratios or something. Either way the picture is fine, don’t beat yourself up.

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