friday snippet

A murderer lurks behind the old barn.  A murderer watches the mist drift across the river.  A murderer is plotting their crime … though no one seems to be bothered.

The workmen are milling around the yard, the mechanic is looking over the tractors, the truck drivers are finishing their coffee before heading out.

The fishermen are preparing their boats, the farmer is taking a turn in the yard, the mistress is finally making her breakfast.

No, no one seems bothered, but they will be … a child’s body is about to be discovered hanging from the old oak tree.

She does loiter by the bank of the lake, alone and half awake.

A ghost of someone they used to know, a whisper from so long ago

She is our secret, our daydream, washed ashore, barely seen

Her eyes do sparkle, black as the pits of hell, but no longer do we tell

The need to sleep beckons, we bid her goodbye,

In her canopy of bones, she doesn’t cry

Crimson’s Creative Challenge #207

#Writephoto – Fog

Simply 6 minutes 1st November

Wordle #294

© NopeNotPam

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