friday snippet

PHOTO PROMPT © David Stewart

She knew she was being irrational, but the rain was out to get her, and Mandy pouted as she threw back another shot, oblivious to the puzzled looks her mud splattered wedding gown was attracting.

When she’d met him, she’d been unimpressed by his good looks and money, though he possessed both in copious quantities, it was the other who’d garnered her attention.

Big mournful brown eyes, affectionate, he even liked her cooking.  It was unfortunate that she’d had to marry him to get to the other.

“If the rain stops Fido, the murdering can begin.”

Fido whined his agreement.

“If you get me his phone, I might reconsider.”

Her words make me pause

Mid-morning.  Heavy Rain.  The sea batters the rocks.

I feel ancient.

He’s gone, but his credit card isn’t.

“Let’s go shopping.”

Image credit; Shahzin Shajid @ Unsplash

Ok, so let me get this right, I only drop the charade and reveal my true face after I’ve got the candy?

Sure Medusa, whatever floats your boat.

These micro tales were written based on the following prompts

Weekend Writing Prompt #280- Amok

E.M.’s RWP ~ #285 irrational

Friday Fictioneers

What do you see # 155- October 10, 2022

© NopeNotPam

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