a rainbow in words- 23rd


Wise cracking bird
Kind of absurd
Mottled colours a mess
Beauty, I guess
Perhaps a dress
Better for stress
The colours alright
No donโ€™t take flight
I promise not to bite
Ok youโ€™re right
My beak is sharp
And its getting dark
Run you fool
Before I drool
In my colourful feathers
You know I rule

ยฉ NopeNotPam


Skeltonic verse is one of those forms I thought I had covered previously, but I couldn’t find a post for it. Maybe I confused it with The Blitz, which uses a series of short lines to work down the page. Whatever the reason, let’s dive into skeltonics now.

Named after its originator, John Skelton, skeltonic verse has a few simple rules:

  • Lines are short with two or three stresses…
  • …with irregular rhymes…
  • …rhythms…
  • …and bonus points for alliteration.

James VI called skeltonics “tumbling verse,” because of how it tumbles down the page. Often humorous, there are no specific rules for subject, tone, or length.

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