my inspirations part 1

This week I came to a realisation – I was so busy responding to prompts I wasn’t actually saying what I wanted to say, so I have decided on Thursday’s I’ll post something which has changed my life and this week I’ve selected a 61 year old potato farmer.

Now I could rewrite the whole tale, but the video really says it all, but in case you want the highlights:

  • Sydney to Melbourne endurance race – 875 km (543.7 miles)
  • 5 days to complete, usual competitors under 30 year old and backed by large companies such as Nike
  • In 1983 Cliff Young turned up in overalls and work boots to compete
  • And the rest is history

What I loved about Cliff Young was his modest, his determination and his matter of fact attitude.

Just a quote to wrap this up from this article:

Eventually Cliff was asked about his tactics for the rest of the race. To everyone’s disbelief, he claimed he would run straight through to the finish without sleeping.

Cliff kept running. Each night he came a little closer to the leading pack. By the final night, he had surpassed all of the young, world-class athletes. He was the first competitor to cross the finish line and he set a new course record.

When Cliff was awarded the winning prize of $10,000, he said he didn’t know there was a prize and insisted that he did not enter for the money. He ended up giving all of his winnings to several other runners, an act that endeared him to all of Australia.

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