a rainbow in words- 17th


Cruising down the highway
Vacation, its time to play
Sign up ahead, deep frown
Guess I better slow down

Cassowary up ahead
Getting sleepy, rather be in bed
But warning signs in this little town
Guess I better slow down

Well, this I didn’t expected
Cassowaries, what the heck?
And I’m wearing my best gown
Guess I better slow down

Now I’m worried, expecting an ambush
Though that might be a bit of a push
Still I don’t want to be called a clown
Guess I better slow down

© NopeNotPam


The kyrielle is a French four-line stanza form that has a refrain in the fourth line. Often, there is a rhyme scheme in the poem consisting of the following possibilities:

  • aabb
  • abab
  • aaab
  • abcb

The poem can be as long as you wish and as short as two stanzas (otherwise, the refrain is not really a refrain, is it?), and, as with many French forms, it is very nice for stretching your poetic muscles.

Also, tres importante! Your lines must contain 8 syllables. I’ve written an example below to show how this poem works (on a technical level).

9 thoughts on “a rainbow in words- 17th

  1. I guess you better slow down dear Deb. Cassowary crossing.

    Did you sketch a Cassowary?
    I think you might have.
    I just looked it up and felt like I’d seen it in sketch before. Oh well.
    Still thanks for showing me your impressive array of forms. Love them all. XoXo

    Liked by 1 person

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