This post was written based on the following prompts:

Fandango’s Flash Fiction #184

Fandango’s Story Starter #63

What Do You See #151

Twiglet #296

Three Things Challenge #M83

Three Things Challenge #M84

Three Things Challenge #M85

Simply 6 Minutes – Welcome to the Challenge: 09/13/2022

When he decided to spy on his wife, the last thing he expected was to discover this.  Now maybe is she’d been a badger, or a fox, or some sort of wildlife, he wouldn’t have been surprised.  A spider though had been completely unexpected, and Marty, the earthworm, wondered how it would all end as he continued through the unlit corridors towards their home, where his beloved waited.

“Darling I’m back,” Marty called, as he entered the ballroom of the dilapidated castle, “How are the little ones?”

“Hungry,” Came the disgruntled response, “But its alright, another one of those delinquents moved in.  He’s upstairs in a drug induced coma.  I told the kids they could have him.”

“Well, I hope they’re still hungry afterwards, one of those little vandals is currently defacing your favourite niche.”

“Are you sure he’s still there, he’s not one of those environmentalists, is he?  One was wiping down the stained-glass door this morning muttering about waterfowl and the impact of us on the bush, trees and shrubs.  He was giving me a right headache.”

“No dear, I’m sure he’ll still me there.”

“Oh goody, I was going to tell you later, but we’re having more baby’s darling.”

Marty sighed, “Doesn’t the world move in mysterious ways.”

© NopeNotPam

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