a rainbow in words- 15th

Horizontally Vertical

Oh lord its giving me a migrane, so many colours

Driving me insane, my dear fellors

Clashing colours, styles that smash, its enough

To make me gnash me teeth, or get relief by the cuff

My teeth will bleed, if I remain, I will wail

Take it away, I plead, unless you want to be hail nailed

What do you mean its attached, this surely can’t be

Oh enough, my minds gone cross hatched, I’m off for rum and brie

© NopeNotPam


This week’s poetic form is a fun one that I found hidden in my copy of The Poetry Dictionary, by John Drury. Nashers, named after Ogden Nash, are couplets (of any length) that feature comical rhymes, including wrenched rhymes. The popular wrenched rhyme example (also mentioned in Edward Hirsch’s A Poet’s Glossary) is from Nash’s poem “Kindly Unhitch That Star, Buddy,” in which he rhymes “rhinestones” with “ghrinestones.”

At its core, the nasher is a light verse form. So have fun playing around with this one.

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