a rainbow in words- 14th


Blue, an endless blue sky
As widely as the eye can see
Red, flowers wild and free
Pollen tempting the bee to sip
Yellow, sun’s cozy dip
Dancing, with subtle glee and grace
Each knows its assigned place
Each awaiting the arrows tip

© NopeNotPam

Luc Bat Poems

The luc bat is a Vietnamese poetic form that means “six-eight.” In fact, the poem consists of alternating lines of six and eight syllables. This poem is interesting in its rhyme scheme that renews at the end of every eight-syllable line and rhymes on the sixth syllable of both lines.

Here’s a diagram of how the first few lines of luc bat poems should rhyme:


And so on. Luc bat poems have no set length or subject matter, and some run on for thousands of lines.

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