This post was written based on the following prompts:

Crimson’s Creative Challenge #200

Moonwashed Weekly Prompt – Gilded – September 6, 2022

#Writephoto – Meeting

Three Things Challenge #M79

Three Things Challenge #M80

Three Things Challenge #M81

They said every cloud had a silver lining, but she’d decided that this one was going to be a golden as tonight’s sunset, and in silence she exchanged her outfit of a blouse, bolero jacket and skirt for something far more suitable. Black joggers, black tee shirt, black woolly coat, thick black pants, and casting one last glance back at the setting sun, she sighed.

It was such a gorgeous sight, the last rays of the sun were turning everything gilded, but life was never that straight forward, hence why she’d sent that text message to her brother-in-law.  He thought he was coming to this old meeting spot for some sweet delight.  He thought she was keen to taste his wares.  He thought she wanted a bit of his action.

He was an ass.

She’d told him to come to the meeting spot alone, that they’d have some fun.  Hence the blindfold and the handcuffs.

Unfortunately for him her idea of fun didn’t match his own.

As the scene darkened, she hurriedly completed her tasks.  She emptied the bottle and threw it into the lake.  When it was retrieved, they’d discover moonshine which was way too strong.  They’d think he got wasted and unfortunately wandered into the lake., drowning in his inebriated state.

Yep, she looked sunsets, this one looked particularly gilded.

© NopeNotPam

16 thoughts on “false

  1. I could see this as a flash-back hook to start a novel that builds to this event. What did this guy do to earn this response?
    Are her injuries real or imagined?
    Finally – did she get caught? 🤔
    You’ve seeded so much potential!

    Liked by 1 person

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