A Letter A Week – X

Hey everyone,

So this is the week I’d been dreading … animals starting with X, this was not going to be easy, but before I moan a bit more let’s first review W

Kate from Aroused … on the road

wondrous wide spaces
warmly calm my whirlpool mind
as I wilfully wind down
with whales walks and wildflowers!

Fandango from This, That and The Other

Sadje from Keep It Alive

Onto the rules (Though I’m pretty sure you know them by now) : This prompt is very simple, there is one rule only. Your response needs to contain the letter of the week, other than that you’re free to do as you wish. And as this one is a bit harder than usual, the letter x anywhere in a word will be counted.

The prompts I offer are not compulsary, they’re just suggestions but it does close at 12pm on Saturday, so I have time to do the roundup.

If you’d like to join in use the tag #1letterperweek, and ping back and we’ll see how it goes.

So, onto X and this week’s prompts.

Remember an X anywhere will be counted.

Place – Xenia (Unincorporated Community in Kansas USA)

Emotion – xany

Adjective – Xenial (A friendly relationship between host and ghost)

Verb – xylophone

My animal – Xerus

Here in Xenia we welcome all
Xany personalities, we stand tall
Xenial relationships we do clone
See, here’s my xanth playing his xylophone

Β© NopeNotPam

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