a rainbow in words- 10th

What’s Up?

I took my red lobster to dinner
Certain I would be on a winner
He smiled broadly, just like a sinner
I never knew he was a grinner
Lucky lobster, I wished I was thinner
Now I’ve dished the dirt, bye, you spinner

© NopeNotPam

Hir a Thoddaid

And this form is like other Welsh forms in regards to a slight variation in line length and some complexity in the rhyme scheme. Here’s the structure of this six-line form (with the letters acting as syllables and the a’s and b’s signifying rhymes:


So line 5 is 10 syllables in length; the other 5 lines are 9 syllables. Also, the “b” rhyme is somewhere near the end of line 5 and somewhere in the first half of line 6–so those rhymes could move back and forth to suit your needs.

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