a rainbow in words- 3rd


You stood with bow held high and rigid
Life etched into your bare-naked chest
Your intent was carved into the marble of your features
I saw your that arrow fly, I felt it pierce my flesh
It struck its mark hard; the impact made me reel in shock.
But if your arrow pierced my heart, why do I not bleed?

I felt the coldness of its tip penetrating
Piercing my sweet tender flesh
But there was no crippling pain
The world became a kaleidoscope of colours instead
Everything more vivid, more real
As my heart began to thaw,
I tasted the bitter sweetness of life
For I could be alone no more

But as fate is so very fickle
He did not love me in return
The colours drained from my world
Life’s vibrancy a bitter pill
So, Cupid do I plead if you fatally wounded me
Why does my heart not bleed?

© NopeNotPam


Here are the basic rules for The Bop:

  • 3 stanzas
  • Each stanza is followed by a refrain
  • First stanza is 6 lines long and presents a problem
  • Second stanza is 8 lines long and explores or expands the problem
  • Third stanza is 6 lines long and either presents a solution or documents the failed attempt to resolve the problem

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      1. Point at a random object, then list as many adjectives and adverbs as you can think of. Then add more. Then type them in one run-on sentence and submit that.

        Or, send me the ingredients list on your cereal.

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