A Letter A Week – V

Hey everyone,

So this week we have wonderful V, and I discovered the cutest of animals, but before I reveal that fella, lets first have a look at the contributions for U.

Di from Pensitivity 101

Carol Anne from Therapy Bits

Fandango from This, That and The Other

Sadje from Keep It Alive

Leyde Ryan from Hourglass Poetry

Onto the rules: This prompt is very simple, there is one rule only. Your response needs to contain the letter of the week, other than that you’re free to do as you wish. The prompts I offer are not compulsary, they’re just suggestions but it does close at 12pm on Saturday, so I have time to do the roundup.

If you’d like to join in use the tag #1letterperweek, and ping back and we’ll see how it goes.

So, onto V and this week’s prompts.

Ok, before the prompts a little comment, as it is getting thorny this end of the alphabet, so if you have difficulty finding an animal in the real world, imaginary is just as good or no animals at all. It’s all up to you.

Place – Vanuatu

Emotion – Vigour

Adjective – Vast

Verb – Vocalise

My animal – Vicuna

A Little Less Conversation

Vince felt the need to vocalise his need for a vacation with vim and vigour
He was violently vague as to why, but vacillations only made him snigger
This world was too vast to vacantly sit back and cry
Vanuatu was calling, he just had to fly
Hang Twelve is what he was going to do
Woo Hoo Surfboard Vicuna

© NopeNotPam

19 thoughts on “A Letter A Week – V

  1. well I’ve never heard of a vicuna before, let alone seen one surfing the waves!

    I vested vast volumes
    on vicarious vitals
    as I crossed the vast desert
    looking for velvet flowers
    and volumious whales …

    sorry too early to think clearly, about to cross the WA border!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Several in fact … he’s holding a jar of vegemite and stands next to a post with mileage to the various countries! Still trying to locate my download cord for camera to mac.

        Liked by 1 person

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