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Fandamgo’s Flash Fiction #181

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Twiglet #293

Three Things Challenge #M62

Three Things Challenge #M63

Three Things Challenge #M64

Simply 6 Minutes – Welcome to the Challenge: 08/23/2022

It would be easy enough to come away from the encounter thinking he knew it all.  I mean, chicken little, our saviour, had state from his lofty position, that the sky was falling, and it was.

Ok, perhaps not falling but the ceiling was leaning, and that was good enough for me to jump into action.

Without waiting for the alarm bells to ring, a request to be lodged at the post office of life, or the lightening to do whatever lightening does, I grabbed my umbrella and hat and ran out into the teeming rain.

It was raining monkeys and dogs, obviously a side effect of the skies drunken tilt, and I knew now was the time to panic, to lose total control, to throw the Christmas ornaments on the bonfire.  Our days weren’t numbered, but the end was surely scribed on the plaque of our destiny.

Drawing my brolly down I ran across the road towards the park, only to come to an abrupt halt.  Those tiny monkeys which were falling from the sky were practicing tai chi.  For a moment I was mesmerised, I stood with mouth agape wondering if any of them would benefit from a crown.  It would add that certain something I’m sure, but I dismissed the random thought when one turned and glared at me.

“Eggs, small speckled eggs,” The little fellow stated and without further encouragement I pelted past them, for it was almost as if Chicken Little had sent me a direct message and without ado, I climbed up the nearest tree, reaching the overhanging branch at 5.10 minutes gone.

There was no time for procrastination, I quickly reached into my pocket and retrieved the contents, two flowers and a small twig covered in leaves.  Artistically I arranged them around the small, speckled eggs and then, and only then, I heaved a huge sigh of relief.

My job was done.

Now it was time to head to the pub … I was beginning to sober out.

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