Olivia Newton-John – 26 Sept 1948 – 8 Aug 2022

Today we lost an icon, I know a lot of you will remember fondly. I thought about writing about her career, her many achievements in the entertainment business, her dedication to fund raising for various charities and her battle with cancer, which eventually took her life, but what I adored about Olivia Newton-John isn’t any of those things, so I’m going to let the news outlets handle that, and I’m going to share something a bit more personal.

Like many of you I discovered Olivia Newton-John from Grease. I was seven years old and I was watching the movie with my parents and my older brother, and I was entranced.

Sandy was so endearing, and relatable. I saw girls like her everyday. She was sweet, she was kind, she was naive. Danny was the bad boy that just stole your breathe away, but what I remember the most was my brother’s focused stare, my mum’s happy humming and my dad’s occasional cough.

You may be asking why, well we were never particularly close, but while this movie played we were united in our enjoyment, and that is what I remember the most about Olivia Newton-John. She made you feel.

Whether it was her sweet voice, her sense of humour or her determination and resolve, she was someone I admired.

So without further ado let’s listen to her voice and remember her.

PS – I really don’t want you to be down, so make sure you check out the last video. It will make you smile.

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18 thoughts on “Olivia Newton-John – 26 Sept 1948 – 8 Aug 2022

  1. a great tribute Deb! You are so right, ONJ and JT both have the ability to evoke emotions and “Grease” was such a light hearted good fun musical that we all enjoyed 🙂

    We were adults when our parents suggested a family gathering in town, dinner together and then a movie … a first time ever as we never eat out or watched the same movies. We protested loudly but our parents insisted, we had no idea what it was all about. Turns out Dad had fallen for OLJ and Mum for JT but they felt they were too old to watch such a ‘young people’s’ movie. Hence they roped us in, we were not impressed but we will never forget the ‘event’!

    Having had breast cancer it was nice to recall Olivia being so open about her episode. I met her mother who worked in Adelaide and what an inspiration she was too. Also very beautiful and too youthful looking to be OLJ mother 😉

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