This post was written for the following prompts:

Crimson’s Creative Challenge #195

#Writephoto – Stairway

Three Things Challenge #M44

Three Things Challenge #M45

Three Things Challenge #M46

Melody sighed; she’d been young once.

Then her tempo had been quick, like she was racing up a ladder to the next opportunity.

The drums had beat a tattoo in time with her footsteps, the strings had woven a revelry that made her heart sing.  The whole orchestra had been at her beck and call.

Then she had grown old, her life becoming a stagnant pond, but even that taught her lessons.  Life was now the recorder, simple but still sweet, or the triangle, a pure note within the mundane.

Unfortunately, they had decided she was to be modernised.  The classic was too melancholy for their liking, but she wouldn’t go without a fight.

As they went to close the cupboard, Melody threw herself forward, and fell to the floor.

“Hey I know what that is, it’s a baton, they used them to conduct the orchestra.”

“Really, hey let’s take it out to the stage, it will be more fun than that stupid robot we have now.”

© NopeNotPam

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